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On October 7, 2023, Nadav and Alon were at the Nova Festival in Israel. Able to find hiding from the terrorists, they were among those lucky to survive the horrific massacre. Without hesitation, and still wearing the festival wristbands, they went straight from hiding to join their reserves unit, serving in the south of Israel, protecting their country, protecting their friends.
Now, we stand in solidarity with those we’ve lost, those who were kidnapped, their families, their friends, their communities, and those who are now risking their lives for freedom. The wristband symbolizes hope for a better future when everyone can be free, where we can all dance – Dance Louder.
All donations will go directly to Israel Friends, a new humanitarian mission launched as a response to Hamas’s destructive attacks on Israel. Israel Friends is committed to supporting those affected by the ongoing crisis and delivering help where it’s needed the most. With expertise in sourcing and logistics and a global network of partners, Israel Friends is uniquely positioned to provide critical aid quickly and efficiently